Football Pool 2019-2020 Guidelines

The Rules

I agree to abide by the rules on display in the website and as agreed upon by the membership of the 2019-2020 Football Pool.

I agree to pay my dues before the season starts!

I agree to play fair and not take any action to impersonate another player, or to look at or manipulate files that I have no business messing with, or in general to be a bad sport.

I agree that the above rules sound far too serious for my tastes, but understand the spirit behind them.

I agree to pay my dues before the season starts! Really!

I agree to watch a lot of football, attend many group football gatherings, munch on lots of Todd's delicious salsa (optional), and...


Football Pool 2019-2020 Registration


The e-mail address you supply will be used to communicate information to you about parties, events, and other Football Pool-related happenings.

Your username is used to log you in to the site, and identifies you to other players in the standings and on pick sheets. Please make it something that won't take too much explanation!

Your username may include letters, numbers, and underscores. Punctuation and spaces are not allowed during registration. If you wish to use special characters, contact WM Todd to see if want you'd like is possible.

Your password is only weakly encrypted in our system. We recommend that you use a different password than what you normally use for other online activities.


May only contain letters, numbers, and underscore (_).
Must match the password you entered just above.